We, the parishioners of Saint Martin of Tours Parish, are Many People, One Family, Serving Christ. 

We are missionary disciples. We exist to be formed and to be sent.

 We are formed through

    *participation in the Eucharist which forms us in God’s word and nourishes us with the 

             Body of Christ so as to be his Body in the world.

 *committed personal and communal prayer lives where we come to know God 

           intimately and live more deeply in God’s love.

     *ongoing study of Scripture and Church teaching.

 So formed, we are sent into our homes, neighborhoods and beyond to

    *share the Good News of God’s all-inclusive love with all

    *serve the poor and needy

    *work for God’s restorative justice to be realized 

    *work for the care of all God’s creation

As disciples of Jesus, we have made an intentional and purposeful commitment to know Jesus Christ intimately and to follow him faithfully with the totality of our lives and who commit to do so in community, with others who, by the grace of God, have made the same undertaking.


Come join us!